Wake Up

not bliss

Wake Up

Get ready for another day of downfall

Get ready for everyone to disappoint you once more

Get ready for the same constant stream of distress

Get ready for every touch to be completely numb

Get ready for your tears to fall even harder

Get ready for that smile on your face to be banished from your emotions

Get ready for that relaxing sensation to be disrupted by stress

Get ready for every single moment you wished back again destroyed by reality

Get ready for that blissful dream you’re having come to an end

Get ready for everything and still be prepared for nothing at all

It is time to Wake Up

You no longer have a chance to go back and dream of utopia

Your utopia is right in front of you

You live it everyday

You breathe in its air

You walk on its ground

You trash its very existence

Deteriorating its lifespan making it harder to supply for you

It is time to Wake Up

Stop thinking about yourself

There is more to life than you know

There is more than you could ever desire

You just have to

Wake Up


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