Perfect Poetry…

Quest Chronicles

I am a Box

Here I am in a Box

No Not in a den for a Fox

To Small for an Ox

I sit There

Waiting for Anything to Happen

No Spark to Flare

This is Where I Have Been

Then I was Out

Like a Plant Begginnig to Sprout

I Stepped out of the Shape

Even if my Body did Ache

I Spread my Arms out Wide

I Fell into the Water like grass

Moving With its own Tide

I Don’t Even Have to Look at it Through Glass

I am set Free From Myself

I was no Longer Stuck on my High Shelf

Those Feelings That Were put onto hold

Are now Begginning to Mold

Don’t stay in that box, step out and spread your wings.

Let the breeze take you away. Havig a feeling of you flying away.


This is an inspirtional message. I don’t…

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