Not today, i’m constantly procrastinating

Telling myself it’s not the right time

Then I give in

I sit in the same spot for hours

Accomplishing nothing at all

Well, not exactly

I let my mind roam free

Accessing thoughts and imaginative realities unheard of

I’m now in a place where nothing matters

A place where Procrastination isn’t terrible

It’s accepted

A place where doing things in a timely matter

Does not exist

A place where giving in

Is always a great thing

This place, it only last for so long, and is easily interrupted

But that’s okay i’m patient for the moment of pure bliss

Only then can I Daydream 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael33 says:

    Wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting and liking the post this evening on The Vision of Poets. I love what I’ve read of your poetry so far and this one is terrific. I’m such a procrastinator myself and where are we going to find our poetry if we don’t daydream… Thanks for sharing.


    1. thank you very much and no problem. I enjoy reading great pieces.


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